This is a love story of up-cycling to the Nth degree. The story of our new raw denim collection, "RAW".

If you've been keeping up with us since day one, you know that we used this deadstock, raw denim fabric as the lining for our iconic reversible Maximilian Dresses. After our fabric was consciously used for our small production batches, we were still left with several rolls to sit in the office.

At SMV, our sample creation process sometimes begins with sewing samples using comparable leftover fabric in our office as a placeholder until we find the perfect one. This allows us to minimize waste. But upon using this raw denim fabric as our placeholder for this collection, we realized that the perfect fabric was right in front of us all along.

Hence, our new collection, RAW, demonstrating how the power and beauty behind circular sustainability. Our campaign was shot inside our deadstock fabric partner's facility in Los Angeles. The place where one person's trash becomes another one's up-cycled treasure.